Say hello to BlackTrax: the multi-award-winning tracking solution that has revolutionized the entertainment industry by empowering productions with unprecedented creativity and cutting-edge technology. The team at CAST has engineered BlackTrax from the ground up to transmit precise 3D and 6D positional data to automation controllers in a genuine realtime tracking environment.

Examples that Demonstrate the BTSolutions

Any Venue, Any Size, Anywhere

Whether your stage is fixed or is part of a full-scale touring production, BlackTrax is ready to bring your vision and imagination to life. We’ve packaged our solutions to be mobile, flexible, simple, adaptable, and scalable to meet any production demand large or small.

Intelligent Tracking

BlackTrax doesn’t just track, it offers the most intelligent tracking solution that you can get. For example, when paired with BTwyg, BlackTrax’s virtual world, operators have the ability to define zones in the virtual space that will trigger actions in the real space. BT is intelligent and goes beyond simple “on/off” tracking, with a range of features such as prediction algorithms and trigger points to fire up lighting or multimedia cues. To put it plainly, BT’s tracking is highly advanced and unlike anything you’ve ever seen or used before.

Quick and Easy Setup and Calibration

BlackTrax’s setup is as easy as hanging the BTCameras around the space you want to track. Its advanced calibration system is automated and easy, it can be performed within 5 to 10 minutes. As a byproduct of this feature, it is very easy to calibrate lights and even use it to update focus positions.


BlackTrax is the most complete solution for tracking, and automation in the market today. Since inception, the goal has been quite simple: intimacy. BT ensures your audience leaves every event feeling immersed by the experience, both visually, audibly, and emotionally.
BlackTrax Benefits:
  • Unleash creativity by adding much needed ‘wow’ to any production—any venue, any size, anywhere.
  • Fully customizable and adaptive installation layout that is designed and configured by CAST or a BTExpert as per your requirements.
  • Save time and money with less rehearsals and less or no Follow spot operators
  • Increase freedom.
  • Map creative sequences in advance, saving valuable time during set up.
  • Vertically integrated with BTwyg™ built from wysiwyg, the most reliable lighting design software suite in the market.
  • Front-end hardware/software technology is supplied by CAST, a name you know and trust with your production dollars.
  • CAST’s non-partisan policy ensures connectivity and compatibility within any set up.

The bottom line is that customers haven’t had to change their production scope, or compromise their creativity in making BlackTrax work for them. In fact it has enhanced their creativity, their freedom and allowed for complete spontaneity, while solving other production problems and also reduced their production costs


BlackTrax is delivered to you as a complete tracking solution.

CAST or a BTExpert will ensure it is properly designed and installed before providing onsite training and ongoing support. Once you tell us about your space, your needs, and intended use, we can begin drafting your tracking setup specs and preliminary estimate. We're here to help navigate you through the process and ensure your production's success.

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