German Lighting Designer Matt Finke has produced a very impressive portfolio of professional event shows. As owner and leading LD for LOOP LIGHT, a lighting design and operations company he founded in 1994, Matt works closely with a wide array of clients ranging from rental companies to television studios to artistic directors. Based in Marburg, Germany, Matt has provided 3D wysiwyg designs and technical support for corporate elites like Nike, Porsche, Zenith, and Adidas. Since Matt’s services are often requested in other countries, he relies on a skilled team of freelance designers to assist him with productions in Switzerland, the UK, and the US.

wysiwyg was the obvious choice for such a complex musical show”

Matt has come to rely on
wysiwyg’s merits, especially enjoying the crucial advantage of pre-visualizing wherever, whenever, to experiment and get it right before it becomes costly. As Matt describes, “Using wysiwyg in my studio has saved me a significant amount of production rehearsal time, thereby reducing my costs and, just as importantly, saving production costs. I’m able to troubleshoot fixture selections far in advance of the show because I can cue lights and use wysiwyg to test lighting theories, such as projection distance, colour mixing, and fixture placement, well before the event. Pre-patching for DMX and dimmer channels is done on my time, not someone else’s schedule. Since the onsite environment is so pressure filled and we are rarely allotted any time to experiment, I use wysiwyg because I trust that the end result will match or exceed my
clients’ expectations!”