In Nov 06, Proluxon was asked to design a file for the McLaren new F1 Car and Drivers Presentation, which took place on 15 Jan 07 at the Hemispheric in Valencia, Spain. “They approached us to support and assist lighting designer Nol van Genuchten. We were very inspired by the site and took charge of managing the lighting department for the project. Cirque du Soleil’s special events department was in charge of the show and had started the creative process by using in-house Maya modelers to design the Hemispheric,” comments Valy.

Valy immediately converted the Maya file into a wysiwyg 3D file. “Using the basic 3D file of the Hemispheric, I merged some 2D .dwg files of the site and set. The first request from the technical director and Nol was to study the different self-support structures because there were no rigging points available in the Hemispheric. Using wysiwyg we experimented with different hanging options. We even considered the possibility of having a 55-meter mega-arch custom built from Stage CO,” says Valy.

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Valy’s team continued to use
wysiwyg to finish the 3D model and explore several intricate design possibilities. "wysiwyg enabled us to finish the model quickly and visualize our ideas at the same time. It was a valuable tool throughout the entire creative process. With only 6 weeks to complete such a large event, we only had time for smart decisions,” he comments.

“Pre-programming for this kind of event is almost impossible since the final creation process takes place on site. However, having a wysiwyg Perform studio session was still highly valuable because the ability to have all your light boards set up and patched, and your pre-sets loaded is priceless! All of our operators had the chance to get a feel for the venue and the set-up of the fixtures. We knew how we were going to manage the gig as a team. We could study positions, test the rig & final plots, and even start to cue basic looks without the final details,” says Valy.

Valy also asked their provider, Blue Square (Belgium), to provide a mobile wysiwyg station. “We were able to keep our 3rd grandMA on stage with the wysiwyg station, and at any time during set-up or rehearsals, we could access the virtual rig to program or troubleshoot. This alone saved me at least 50 miles of walking between the main board and back stage,” he concludes.

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McLaren new F1 car launch with Cirque du Soleil
The Hemispheric, Valencia, Spain / 15 Jan 07
LD : Nol van Genuchten
LD assist : Valy Tremblay
wysiwyg file, perform and renders: Proluxon Inc., Montreal, Canada