What Does wysiwyg Deliver?

wysiwyg comes in these products and levels

Comparison sheet




2D-3D View 3D&2D 3D&2D 2D
13.000+Fixture Library tick tick tick
CAD Modeling Tools tick tick tick
Conventional & automated fixtures models tick tick tick
Import/Export CAD, DWG, DXF, PDF tick tick tick
Customizable & Scalable plot layout tick tick tick
3D views (exportable to BMP, JPG, PNG,GIF, TGA) tick tick
Enhanced Beams using OpenGL tick tick
Enhanced LED video & picture walls tick tick
Time-of-Day Simulation tick tick
Rendered textures & materials tick tick
Rendering Manager tick tick
Direct connection to supported consoles & DMX devices tick
2-way console communication (AutoFocus & AutoPatch) tick
Simulate movement in 6 Degrees tick
DMX, CITP, Artnet connection tick
102.000 DMX Channels tick
Purchase Purchase Purchase