wysiwyg Report

reportUse wysiwyg to create scaled lighting plots and lighting paperwork including fixture schedules, hookups, pipe tapes, colour and gobo lists.


Eliminate manual drawing and stop tracking paperwork with multiple tools. Minimize the effort to accommodate last minute changes or rework.

wysiwyg Report, which is designed specifically for production professionals, offers a customized CAD application with libraries of relevant equipment including fixtures, truss, gels, gobos, etc. and an integrated paperwork database.

Designers, design assistants, console operators, and electricians will find this to be an invaluable tool. Easy to use and affordable, wysiwyg Report provides the ideal solution for people who want to use computers to simplify the design process.

1346798849_wysiwyg_report_paperwork 1346798867_wysiwyg_report_library_browser
Only fully integrated lighting solution offering drawing & paperwork capabilities. Searchable Library Browser for easy access to >20,000 intelligent library objects of conventional & automated fixture, accessories, truss, gel colours, gobos, textures & materials.


1346798891_wysiwyg_report_metric_imperial 1346799599_wysiwyg_report_layer_database
Simultaneous metric & imperial unit systems. Increase designing efficiency by organizing objects on different Layers & Scenes.


1366410333_1346799544_wysiwyg_report_plot2 1346799574_wysiwyg_report_schedule
Customizable, printable plot layouts and reports – paperwork, images, logos. Reports include Instrument Schedules, Channel Hookups & Patch Sheets.


1346799618_wysiwyg_report_highlight_plots 1346799670_wysiwyg_report_fixture_tool
Highlight plots with line weights and text labels using any TrueType font. Use Quick Tools to assign fixture & object properties quickly & easily.


Import formats (DXF, DWG, SKP), Export formats (DXF, DWG, WYG, VIV, PDF, XLS).