wysiwyg Perform

performMaximize your creativity. Save time & money! Use perform to pre-cue your show.


Perform indicates the significant importance of connecting to consoles.

With the addition of a simulation component, wysiwyg Perform is an end-to-end, comprehensive, all-in-one solution. 3D CAD, paperwork, rendering, and pre-visualization are integrated into one sophisticated tool. A DMX console or compatible offline editor can be connected to the computer and wysiwyg Perform will simulate the exact effect of the console/editor’s output in real time.

Layout your cue structure and have the console programmed before you even get to the venue. Guarantee that what you see is what you get. wysiwyg Perform is the ideal solution for designers and console operators who need to maximize their time onsite and cut production costs.

 Its strong previz in Shaded View competes with its infamous renderings. Power users can previz and plot the entire event without even stepping into the venue!  The ability to import files from many sources, its simple 3D CAD suite, the new super-friendly UI, robust dependability and portability are only a few of the tributes that make wysiwyg the software of choice by all production professionals and the reputation for being indubitably the industry standard.

Comparing the list of additional functions available in Perform to Design in the Product Comparison, the premium price for Perform indicates the significant importance of connecting to consoles and, with that, the huge time and $$ savings delivered chiefly by CAST’s copyright protected innovations called AutoFocusTM and AutoPatchTM.


AutoPatch is a protocol by which wysiwyg can transfer the patch hookup to a compatible console. AutoPatch is only available in wysiwyg Perform. You must be connected to a compatible console for this feature to be enabled. All ports for which you want the patch information to be transferred must be properly bound. Only the hookup information in patch universes bound to the console’s outputs will transfer.


is the protocol that wysiwyg uses to “talk back” to a compatible console. Using the mouse in a Wireframe view or using the concept shortcuts and design tools at any time, you can direct the console to select fixtures, set focus, and control intensity, iris, and colour. Autofocus is connected through MIDI, Serial, or Ethernet.


What else does Perform do?

perform_connectivity 1347051334_perform_program_console
Building on Report + Design, Perform adds even more features including connectivity. Multiple DMX over ethernet protocols. Program and playback complex lighting sequences from cues on your lighting console.


Extended video interface of live streaming video from capture device or through CITP protocol. Connect up to 51200 channels of DMX – nearly limitless patching options.


1346782458_perform_autopatch 1346782458_perform_autopatch
CAST’s own AutoPatchTM (available with consoles that supports AutoPatchTM ) transfers patch information from your plot to a lighting console. CAST’s own AutoFocusTM (available with consoles that supports AutoFocusTM ) provides two-way console communication, sending fixture data to a lighting console.