wysiwyg Design

designwysiwyg design is built on Report foundations and provide a full 3D environment with the right tools you need to design perfect lighting.

wysiwyg lighting design software

wysiwyg Design allows users to explore their designs in a virtual environment.

Finally, Production Professionals can show the rest of the production team exactly what they are trying to achieve rather than relying on words to communicate complex visual ideas.

Use wysiwyg to win projects and to coordinate and gain the confidence of your production team by presenting photo-realistic renderings of your proposed designs.

Don’t forget that wysiwyg is green – good for the environment and a big bonus when competing for big events.

wysiwyg Design, offers a customized 3D CAD application with libraries of relevant equipment, including fixtures, truss, gels, gobos, etc. and an integrated paperwork database. With the addition of isometric and shaded views, wysiwyg Design allows users to explore their designs in a virtual environment.

Building on the strong foundation of Report, Design adds even more features

1388677716_powerful_3d 1346792997_wysiwyg_design_beam_simulation
Powerful 3D images in Shaded View. Enhanced beam simulation displays shadows, smoke, colour temperature & beam intensity falloff.


1346793015_wysiwyg_design_simulate_fixture 1346793034_wysiwyg_design_looks
Conceptualize lighting without a console and simulate almost all fixture attributes. Use Cue lists to Build looks in Design or Live; store them, and play them back sequentially.


Advanced 3D drawing tools to create complicated models. Use Mesh Consolidation to minimize 3D object complexity & surface count.


wysiwyg_design_splitmapvideo wysiwyg_design_designer_tools
Video content previsualization and ability to split and map video onto multiple sources. Be creative using Designer Tools – transition between concepts without a console


wysiwyg_design_led_wizard wysiwyg_design_renderings
Use LED Wizard to build and simulate LED walls and panels Printable 3D views include Shaded View & offline photorealistic renderings


1346793688_wysiwyg_design_texture_library 1436986672_43
Apply textures to objects from our library or import your own custom textures Real-time Material simulation adds more realism into your visualization, which means more screenshots and fewer renderings, saving you hours of time!


1436987044_car 1436986742_fanning
In addition to textures and Materials, wysiwyg also simulate reflections in real-time These new fanning tools speed up your creative process to create stunning new looks in Design mode – especially useful if you are under the gun.


Use Time of Day (and weather) simulation in Shaded Views to test designs for outdoor events, anywhere in the world. Custom layouts for clearer 2D/3D plots & reports.