+ Do wysiwyg and Vivien run on Mac ?

wysiwyg and Vivien currently only run under Microsoft Windows, but can be used on any Intel–based Mac computer, as long as Windows (any version, but Windows 7 is strongly recommended) is installed via Parallels or BootCamp. Please note that we recommend BootCamp for optimum performance. Once Windows is set up on your Mac, you may install and run the software (within Windows), just like you would on any Windows machine. Please note that the Windows partition will have to be formatted with (or converted to) the NTFS filesystem, in order for the installation to complete.

+ What are the minimum and optimum system requirements for Vivien?

+ What is a Dongle?

A software protection dongle (commonly known as a dongle or key) is an electronic copy protection and content protection device which, when attached to a computer or other electronic appliance, unlocks software functionality.

Membership Vs. Lease

+ What is a Membership?

When you purchase wysiwyg or Vivien you get also a 1 year Membership, during which you can take advantage of technical support, all new software updates and releases. After the Membership expires, the renewal is optional.

+ What is a Lease?

– Leased dongles carry the same privileges as purchased ones. However, unlike purchased dongles, once the lease is over, Vivien or wysiwyg will no longer run with that dongle. At this point, you have the choice of terminating the lease, renewing it for another year or purchasing the dongle (and therefore entering the Membership program).

+ What is the Member's Only Area (MOA)?

The part of the CAST Software website where customers log in to download installers for the software to which they are entitled; in addition, Membership Renewals, Product Upgrades and New Products may be purchased here.

+ I lost my dongle... What do I do now?

No problem, we can shut down your lost or stolen dongle, you don’t have to buy a brand new product, but you will need to purchase a Dongle Replacement, contact our sales department. sales@cast-soft.com +1 416 597 2278 ext 277.

+ What is Customer Experience Improvement Program?

Our Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) is a new way to allow all our customers to contribute to the features, design and development of CAST Software products. This program enables our customers to provide us with various information, including information about the hardware configuration, the features you use most (and least), and the nature of the problems you face. Based on this information, we will be able to improve our products and the features that you use the most.

We will not collect any personal data.

We use the service EQATEC Analytics to provide the technology needed to implement our CEIP program. You can read more at http://www.cast-soft.com/content/ceip/