wysiwyg R28 Video Challenge Entry: Nicolas Bailly

wysiwyg R28 Video Challenge Entry: Nicolas Bailly

Wysiwyg R28

Here comes another entry into the wysiwyg R28 Video Challenge!

World, meet Nicolas Bailly’s entry:

Here a new video made thanks to WYSIWYG R28 (Soft built by castsoftware compagny) in order to participate to the 2012 Video Challenge. You can find rules here: 
But to sum up, we had to use all the same stage, same band, same room. We could choose the music we wanted and design as we wanted but the last point was…No console! 
So lights and camera were created only with tools provided in Wysiwyg… 
Have a good show! ;)

PS: Comments are still appreciate 
Music by New Noise (The Bloody Beetroots Remix) – Refused

Check it out!  Two more days until the submission deadline!

  1. douddoud03-12-2012

    excellent video …. very good job!!
    but you used a video editing software?
    I think in this set is only allowed to put his name in another comment …

  2. BaillyBailly03-12-2012

    Hi. Thanks.
    What do you mean?
    If it’s really a video editing software like movie maker, premiere… yes of course.

  3. TimothyTimothy03-16-2012

    Nice job! I think you have a good chance to win this contest

  4. SebkowskiSebkowski03-19-2012

    With the video or without, the cues are spot on, and the video Editing looks like a real video clip. Fantastic job and my favorite entry so far in WYG video challenge history Disco Fever!!

  5. Chon069Chon06903-19-2012

    Top.. Parfait…! Désolé mais je m’exprime en français car l’anglais et moi c’est pas le top mais la bravo à Nicolas bailly pour cette belle prestation … Vraiment parfait tu mérite la victoire, le haut du podium..!

  6. Good job.
    You have make good video..

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