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Company Background –

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Since 1994, the CAST Group has delivered solutions to and for the entertainment production, special events and meeting industries.

CAST Software Ltd. based in Toronto, Canada, is the proud maker of wysiwyg for  indubitably the industry standard in lighting design and previsualization software. Using automated planning, designing and producing film, TV, stage, specials, road shows and large special events, CAST’s wysiwyg revolutionized the entertainment production industry. CAST’s wysiwyg design suite provides the single point of design and previsualization for motion, lighting and media controllers. A few films include Spider-Man, Harry Potter, Men in Black, Star Wars, Van Helsing, and Resident Evil 5.


At CAST, we’re about big brains not big egos.

We’re a small company with 30+ employees and in business for 23 years. We work hard and play hard, but even more important, we are moved by passion for the arts and technology.